Creating the life we LOVE.

Today, we're continuing down that path of creating the life we love, and today, we're talking about TIME.
Let's start here though - what's your hobby? What do you do for YOURSELF?? When's the last time you took an evening to yourself to have dinner with a friend without worrying about what time you got home? That workout program? That book you've been wanting to ready? That movie you really want to watch? Those golf lessons?
Let me guess...I can hear it now..."but, I don't have TIME for that." I don't have TIME to invest in myself. These kids, this work, my life is just too busy. I might be responsible for that exact narrative.
Hear me when I say this: YOU. HAVE. TIME. You do. You have the same 24 hours in every single day that every single person has. Your priorities are just not aligned with your desire to live your dream life. And you're not alone, I promise you that. Every woman who will read this will be able to relate, even if she's not in that space at this moment - she has been. So, you're in great company.
A great man in my life recently told me, "you have to prioritize yourself and the things you want to do, to get where you want to go." And he's certainly not wrong!
So, here's what we're going to do, together. First, we're going to make a list of ALL the things we enjoy doing. Reading, meditating, showering in peace, yoga, drinking coffee, drawing, crosswords, meditating, whatever it is. And then, every single day, we're going to carve out 15 minutes of time. Just 15. We're going to give our minds 5 of those minutes, our bodies 5 of those minutes, and our souls 5 of those minutes. And we're going to choose an activity from our list to use for each of those 5 minutes. Because everyone can find 15 minutes, am I right?
And then let's check in together, and let's see if we can build on that. Let's see if we can recognize any changes in ourselves. And then, let's see if we can create a foundation from which to build a more balanced life.
Who's with me? Who's committing to 15 minutes this week? I want to hear it, because we are going to hold one another accountable this week. Let's hear your lists, let's learn from one another.
We've got this - we've got this dream life to build, and we won't do it alone. You've got this tribe of women in your corner - you've got me in your corner. So start today, and get your 15 minutes in!
May today nourish you with just a little bit of TIME.

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