Flip the script on the risks & watch the magic happen.

Today, let’s talk about risk, and our willingness to step out of the comfort zone. 💙
You’ve heard me say that life begins when you take that first step away from your “norm.” That’s when you feel the adrenaline, you feel ALIVE. In my experience, which these days seems to be vast, those ALIVE feelings are often times followed quickly by nausea, but those, we can overcome.
Buying buildings and launching businesses in the middle of global uncertainty, unrest, and chaos, might not be the smartest decision to some. But to me, it’s opportunity. Is there risk? Absolutely there is HUGE risk. What if no one comes? What if no one supports our business? What if I get covid? What if I lose everything?
Those what if scenarios often play out in our minds on repeat, and they stop us in our tracks. This willingness to risk - anything really - is all about mindset. Stick with me here. What if I flip it? What if EVERYONE comes? What if EVERYONE supports our business? What if we are SUCCESSFUL?
Hear me when I say this - flip the script on the risks - large and small - in your life, and watch the magic happen. Broken heart? Get back out there - your person is looking for you. Didn’t get the job? What if the perfect one hasn’t been posted yet? Can’t lose the weight? What if you do? What does it look like when you succeed????? Imagine that...
Listen, I’m vulnerable to failure too. Those negative thoughts enter my mind literally constantly. But I’m committed to flipping that script. I’m committed to overcoming my fears, even if it’s only a few minutes at a time.
Start small, TODAY, and flip the script on your risk. Let me know what happens - I can’t wait to hear. Oh, and shop small and drink local! Your girl is over here trying not to freak out... 😉😍💙

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