Founder, Ringmaster, Lover of coffee & being REAL

I’m Stephanie Campbell, the founder of Blue Willow. I suppose I’m technically the boss around here, but I prefer the term Ringmaster. Because sometimes it’s a circus. Or maybe I’m the circus? Likely depends on the day, my coffee consumption, and what level of “dieting” I’m currently attempting. At any rate, glad you chose to hang out here with us.

In 2016, I found myself in this new little town in northwest Missouri. Don’t ask why. You know why - a guy of course! But here I was, no friends, no family, and I was driving 90 miles one way for work and about to go crazy. I decided to invest in my new little town, found a building, and opened a boutique. I didn’t know the difference between a dolman sleeve and an empire waist, but Google did. Now it’s a few years later, and I’ve quit my 9-5, own my building and live above it in a cool new loft we built, have a fantastic staff, a great guy, and more friends than I could ever count. I’ve also worked harder than ever before, and I’ve learned WAY more about women than I have about fashion. That’s the true blessing.

The love of my life (besides that great man I mentioned) is my sweet shop dog named Bullet. He’s literally the best. I’m a horse girl, an adventure-seeking dreamer, a lover of all the dogs, a daddy’s girl, a frantic college basketball fan, and a collector of old downtown buildings, apparently. As the soon-to-be-stepmom of two boys, my life can truly resemble a circus on a regular basis. I definitely curse WAY too much (or just the right amount - if you agree with that, we are bound to be besties!), would rather eat a donut than diet (I do both intermittently), and am usually only really pissed off if you mess with my people.

All joking aside, I hope you’ll hang out with this great little tribe we have. We keep it real around here - and not faux real. That’s boring, and no one actually cares. So join us on this journey as we connect to one another, remind ourselves and each other of our value in this world, AND look pretty damned good in our outfits while we do it! You ready? Tell us a little about YOU - and also, are you currently dieting? No? Good, we can have lunch then!

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