I launched this little dream with every extra dollar to my name.

Four years ago, I launched this little dream with every extra dollar I had to my name, and took a bigger risk than I ever had. I was probably too dumb to know better, but I just felt like it could work. 💙
It hasn’t been easy, and there have many sleepless nights, and many stressful days. But there’s been so much joy! As I look back on the past four years, I feel incredibly blessed. I’ve met so many amazing women, and am lucky to call so many of you “friend.” We’ve grown and expanded, and I’ve found a team of employees that are unbelievably amazing. And we keep digging. 💙
As I reflect today, and look forward, I acknowledge that we are facing our biggest challenge to date. In the middle of a divided nation during a global pandemic, our little small business feels like a tiny minnow in a huge ocean. At times, it feels insurmountable. At times, it feels impossible. But then I remember the last four years. And you. 💙
We will never stop, regardless of what the Facebook algorithm does, what election happens, or what pandemic sweeps the world. We will keep digging, keep trying to serve you, and keep trying to find more of you. We will continue to serve this tribe of incredible people, no matter how hard it gets. 💙
The world is uncertain, and small businesses are really suffering. But today, I’ll take a break and be grateful and sit in the moment that we are actually here at all. And I’ll be proud, and grateful. Tomorrow, we will dig in and figure out how to finish 2020 strong, no matter what the world throws at us. 💙

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