This is what small business looks like.

No blog today, because if I’m not authentic, at least with you, then who am I at all?
The past few days have personally been a little rough on me. I’d be lying if I said everything was always perfect, or I really believed everything happens for a reason, or I truly understood that people really knew my true intentions in all that I did. The truth is, most of the time I feel those things in my core. But sometimes, even I have doubts.
What I don’t doubt, is my commitment to this community. I don’t doubt my desire to leave everything better than I found it. Including you. I don’t doubt my team, I don’t doubt my family, I don’t doubt you, my clients and friends.
This is what small business looks like. At times, from the outside, it can seem very glamorous. The truth is, it rarely is. The truth is, it’s hard. It’s working so hard to open a store, only to turn around and close it 18 months later because a random pandemic changed everything about the way your business gets done. It’s 14 hour days, followed by early Sunday mornings to get the work done before family comes calling for you and your partner, followed by long work weeks. It’s being blasted on social media by people that don’t even know you. It is hard. BUT OH, SO REWARDING TOO.
Let me be clear - I LOVE my work. It’s a dream come true for absolute certain. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle too, just like you!!
You make it worth it. Your support, your kind words, your smiles. You are what makes it worth it to all of us small business owners.
BECAUSE OF YOU - not money, not glamour, not recognition, because those things are rare and they really mean nothing. YOU, my team, my family, and our community are the reasons I got up this morning and headed out to get to work! So THANK YOU for always being there.
I’ll close by sharing this - our latest project. We hope you’ll follow along as we uncover this neglected beauty. We can’t WAIT to bring you a bigger and better Blue Willow experience.
Much love,

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