Where it all began- this is my story.

First let me say, in high school, I would have been voted LEAST likely to own a clothing store.  It’s true. I was a mannequin shopper who refused to enter a dressing room. Then something changed.

In 2016, I found myself in love and relocated to a small town in Northwest Missouri.  No family, no friends, and a corporate job I was commuting 90 miles for each day. Something had to give.

I decided to sell my house and open a store in my new home’s struggling downtown district.  I didn’t know a dolman sleeve from a dog house, but I knew this little town was worth investing in, and I had Google!  So I grabbed my best friend - shop dog Bullet - and got to work. With the help and support of an amazing man and my family, we were off and running!

Fast forward to today - I’ve left corporate America, have tons of friends in my “new” home, transformed the upstairs of Blue Willow into our stunning loft apartment, and each day I’m blessed to remind women of their value beyond that which the world assigns them.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of the Blue Willow family.


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