Give yourself a damn break.

Do you tend to demand perfection from yourself? Do you feel extreme disappointment in yourself when you aren’t exactly perfect? Do you suffer when you make a mistake? You aren’t alone.
This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of shame and disappointment. I’ve noticed that many of us have created such a narrow lane for ourselves that anything outside of that makes us feel less than perfect. And then, we start to really beat ourselves up.
Hear me when I say this - you aren’t perfect, and you aren’t expected to be. You make mistakes - that’s how you learn. You let people down - you’re human. You forget things - that’s totally normal. You say things you wish you could take back - everyone does.
The point is, give yourself a damn break. If you make a true mistake, forgive yourself and move forward. Let go of the shame and suffering, there just isn’t time in this life for that. And widen your lane, your margin for error. Recognize and accept that you are still evolving, still learning, still failing. That’s proof you’re still alive.
You are beautiful, amazing, and incredible, but you don’t HAVE TO BE PERFECT. After all, wouldn’t that make us all so boring? 😉
Make it a great day ladies!

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