Life is for the living, my friends.

Today, I’m thinking of beginnings, and moving on.

I really struggled adding Gilbert to our family. Was it too soon? Did it mean I wasn’t honoring my love for Bullet? Did people think I just discarded him and moved on?

Hear me when I say this - there is no timeline on grief, no schedule for heartache. So many of you have been suffering lately. I see you, and you are not alone. And I give you permission to feel joy, even in the throes of sorrow.

Choosing joy does discard your love for the thing you lost. In fact, I would argue, it honors that love. It shows the world, and that love, that your heart is full and strong, and able to give to another.

Life is for the living, my friends. Grief is personal, and so is pain. Don’t let the world, or anyone, define those emotions for you. But do yourself a favor, and give yourself some grace in the healing process. Your heart will thank you.

For all of you suffering today, and always, I’m thinking of you. May your heart feel joy today, and your spirit feel peace.

Steph & Gil

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