I have a confession for you- I almost didn't buy the dress.

I have a confession for you.

Earlier this week, I fell victim to negative self-talk while in the dressing room of a store. You see, I found a dress I loved for an upcoming trip to Cabo with Kent. It's beautiful, perfect for the occasion, and he made it clear that he absolutely loved it on me.I almost didn't buy it.

Why? Because I'm supposed to be losing weight for this trip, and well, I've been failing. I looked in that mirror and I saw someone who couldn't keep promises to herself, didn't have self-control, and had no desire to show anyone the extra weight I'm carrying around on a beach.

But then, I remembered YOU. I remembered encouraging so many of you, standing in our dressing room, to be kind to yourself. To wear that dress, even if it's not the size you want it to be. To remind you that the only thing we're promised in this life is this day, and your amazing, beautiful, one-of-a-kind self deserves to live it as hard as you possibly can! So buy the damned dress already!

I bought the dress. And I lived the day without concern for my waist line, but for the people I spent it with and enjoying the day as it was handed to me - as a gift.

We're in this together, babes. Together, we'll hit our goals, but we'll be kind to ourselves on our way there, no matter how many times we falter.

xoxo, Steph πŸ’™

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