If you really need to hit the reset button, you aren't alone.

Today's blog is short and sweet, and focuses on RESET. Spring is a great time for a RESET for all of us, and if you are facing a time where you really need to hit a reset button, you aren't alone.
Personally, the past month has been incredibly challenging for me. One of those where just about anything that could punch you in the gut, has. I spent the day yesterday doing some cleanup, got a good night's rest, and I'm ready to walk into the next month with a clean slate.
Hear me when I say this - what happened yesterday doesn't have to define today. In fact, yesterday doesn't have the power to define today. YOU give it the power. It sounds easier said than done, but every day is a new day, and we have a chance to hit the RESET button every time we wake up.
I'm hitting it today. I'm redefining this month, and letting it all be refreshed and renewed. Will you? Let's celebrate this RESET together!
May you enjoy a restful, peaceful day.

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