This train that we call life feels wildly out of control sometimes.

Do you ever feel like you are a passenger on the train of your life? Flying down the tracks, not getting to choose the stops, who the passengers are, or even the final destination? At times the train feels wildly out of control, and other times it seems to go backwards? I can tell you for certain, I sure do.
Life comes at us in a whirlwind. Most of us can't even remember that nine-year-old version of ourselves - that one with hopes and wild dreams and a spirit so overflowing with determination and joy that she could literally save the world. That little girl defined her days - she chose her seat on the school bus, she chose her friends at school, she chose the recess games, or at least whether to play or not.
Hear me when I say this - somewhere inside of you, that nine-year-old little girl is just hanging out, waiting for you to come back. Waiting for you to define your life, to take over conducting that train. To choose the stops, to enjoy the view, to allow aboard only the passengers you wish to, and to hire the band to entertain them!
You see, our life is ours to define. And somewhere along the way, most if not all of us, hand off that power to something we can't even see, a universal pull that we can't define, can't even see.
The truth is, most of us, including me, don't even know how to take that power back, where to even start. So to you I say, we'll do it together.
Over the next several weeks or months, my Sunday mornings will be filled with re-designing my dream life. Now look, I have a pretty amazing life, and it hasn't happened by dumb luck, but recently I've let go a bit of conducting that train. So come along with me, together, we'll define where we want this train to go!
Today, take stock.
Today, be honest with yourself.
Today, in your heart, highlight a few areas that you would like to get back on track.
But be sure those things serve your heart - not some other passenger's agenda, or what you think the world is pulling you toward. That's how we got here in the first place! No, not this time. This time, we make the rules, we define the destination.

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