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Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-Espresso Martini-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-Old Fashioned-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-Spicy Margarita-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-Ranch Water-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-Cosmopolitan-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-Frappe Vino-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store
Craft Slush Mixes-Kitchen-Blackberry Bourbon Smash-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Store

Craft Slush Mixes

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Every day, there is a reason to connect and celebrate, and these awesome craft slush mixes are perfect for doing just that!  This woman-owned company hand makes these in small batches, and they are absolutely delicious. Just follow the directions on the back of the bag - mixx, freeze, and pour!  No blender or ice is needed, and they'll last in the freezer for up to a year. Not that they'll last that long...

Each Pouch makes eight 8 oz glasses

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